Frequent Used Car Alerts

  • Lien detected
  • Theft
  • Salvage title
  • Wound back odometer
  • Non-compliance
  • Lien exceeding the purchase price
  • Used for crash tests
  • Frame damage
  • Being reconstructed
  • Junk title
  • Wholesale report of sale title
  • Reported as lemon
  • Prior accidents

Lemon Car Basics

Flood damaged cars are among the most dangerous buys. You never know what's inside!

Lemon Car and Lemon Law

Lemon Car and Lemon Law Many car owners have heard about lemon cars and lemon law but few know what the term lemon actually means. And it has nothing to do with the fruit though it makes you car owner’s experience really sour.

So, imagine that you are done with the tiresome process of selecting a new car and documentation routine, the salesperson hands you the key….And it is so disappointing when your new car, a second home or almost a family member for some people, suddenly comes screeching to a halt… If you have had problems with your vehicle, it may be a lemon. This section covers various aspects of lemon laws and lemon cars. You will learn:

  • How to find out if your car is a lemon
  • How to avoid a lemon when buying a used car
  • What the Lemon Law is
  • How Lemon Law applies to used cars
  • What to do in case your car (new or used one) is a lemon (or you think you are driving a lemon)
  • Tips how to increase your chances to get moneyback for your lemon car
  • How to find a lemon car lawyer if you turned out to be an unhappy owner of a lemon, the documentation needed for your case evaluation
  • What lemon check is and if it is a reliable protection when you buy a used car
  • The Statutes, the details of State Lemon Law Statutes.

Lemon Law: Introduction

We live in an age where deceit and contraband forms a big chunk of our everyday life. People and corporations are continuously devising methods of making more and more money at the expense of the innocent and sometimes ignorant consumer. This scenario plays itself out across many jurisdictions. The automobile market is the place where major part of deceit takes place.

To somehow regulate this industry, the US government has issued regulations that have been, in common parlance been referred to as lemon laws. So what does lemon law mean? Simply defined, lemon laws are statutes and regulations set by the government in order to protect automobile consumers.

Around 200,000 vehicles sold each year are lemons!

Lemon laws in America are State laws that provide protection to consumers by bounding their vehicles to fall into certain limits according to the standards of quality and performance. These laws prevent them from violating such standards. Lemon laws are not necessarily applicable to the used or leased vehicles. Success in using state lemon laws depends upon three things: providing the right notice, keeping good records and using arbitration programs where required.